Top Reasons to Choose Personal Injury Lawyer in Long Island

The incidents of automobile accidents with motorists and bikers can result in serious injuries to the victims. Often they end up with mutilated parts or disability. It takes lot of efforts on part of the police to track down the injured and file a complaint against them. If the victim is unable to prove the liability of the injured, he may get away with a hefty fine and few weeks behind bars. The personal injury lawyers at Long Island have making their mark in such cases. They can conduct foolproof investigations, follow up with analysis of medical reports and prove the liability of the injurer with infallible evidences.

Long Island personal injury law firm

The Long Island personal injury law firm can come to your rescue immediately, if you follow certain guidelines after the accident. Your first task is to note the license number of the automobile which caused the accident. If your injury is serious you need to get emergency medical attention at the accident spot. Then you have to file a police complaint against the injured. They take care of tracking the vehicle and preparing initial reports.

Follow up with Personal injury Lawyer

Your next task is to contact the personal injury lawyer and stake your claim for filing a lawsuit. He can initiate the proceedings with the investigation at the accident spot. He takes the help of forensic experts in collecting the evidence. Then he contacts the possible witnesses nearby the accident spot and collects vital information. He will take down their contact details and convince them to testify before the court of law if required.

  • His next task is to prepare the forensic reports with the help of analysis and the evidence. Often he needs to match them with the diagnosis and treatment reports given by your doctors. Hence it is important for you to keep all the reports and bills safe and submit to your lawyer when required.
  • The process of establishing the liability of the injured could be complex in nature, depending on the time elapsed between the accident and the investigations. So, you need to contact your lawyer almost immediately after the accident while informing the police. This can ensure immediate action on part of the police and your lawyer in getting the accurate evidences.
  • The next step is to calculate the compensation and insurance claim. For this you need to have proof of income from salary, self employment or business that you do. Then you have to submit all the bills related to medication, treatments, therapy or surgery, hospitalization etc. Your lawyer will be able to evaluate the right sort of compensation based on them and the future loss of pay till you are able to get back to work. If you need support during recovery, he will include those expenses also in the claim.
  • You need to stake your insurance claim as quickly as possible after the accident. You have to preserve the communications with the insurance agency, including their responses to the claim.
  • Your lawyer will be able to utilize all the documents and reports during the trial phase to get you in time justice and right amount of compensation on time.