A great Overview of 3-Course Roof top Repair

The standard method of repair to a commercial liquid applied roofing systems typically referenced to as the 3-course repair involves, as you might expect, three steps (after ensuring the area to be repaired is clean of debris):liquid applied roofing systems

  • Making use of a thin layer of asphalt roof cement called ‘wet patch’ to the area to be restored, making sure that the applied material extends several inches beyond the area that has to have repair.
  • Applying strengthening webbing to reinforce the repair – again, making sure the webbing is properly put within the soaked patch.
  • Applying a second thin layer of damp patch on top of the reinforcement webbing

Of course, where there’s one leak, it’s likely that there are more. For that reason, while you are mending the roof you need to do a full review of the status of your commercial roofing systems to fix all the problems at once and prevent further damage to the building.

Commercial Roofing Program Repairs

Once your commercial liquid applied roofing systems is installed, it’s not a place-it-and-forget-it scenario. One of the most overlooked systems in different commercial building is the roofing system. Roofs are just like cars – properly maintained cars run constantly and proficiently for many years.liquid applied roofing systems

The great things about maintaining your commercial roof systems include:

  • Consistent safeguard of the building’s subject matter and occupants
  • Improved financial planning by controlling costly roof replacements
  • Better security for your roof’s warrantee or guarantee
  • Maximization of your commercial roofing anatomy’s life expectancy

Many building owners don’t understand that a properly maintained commercial roofing system means fewer repairs and reduced costs in roof replacements. Performing with a qualified commercial roofing company can help a building owner stay on top of the condition of their commercial roofing system and protect their roofing investment